Drumbeatz is a specialist drum work shop programme designed for young people and adults who may have mental health challenges in their lives. It particularly suits those who are disruptive in home and classroom settings / ADHD / ADD diagnosis.

It employs techniques popular with music therapists including attunement and person-centred listening. It is delivered in a straightforward fashion with clear boundaries. Music and rhythm are used as a language to encourage engagement, creativity and self expression.

How it works

Participants are encouraged express themselves using african djembe drums, tibetan gongs and other percussive instruments from around the world; provided to ensure a creative release for those keen to express their creativity in an alternative way. Initially short sessions of just 30 - 40 minutes a week, building to one hour a week over time and as skills and interest increase.

Over time and with the use of melody and rhythm as a preferred language, participants may begin to create appropriate positive attachments with each other and possibly with the course leader.

This may take time and there is no guarantee of success.

Other potential benefits include :

Physical exercise

Self expression

Social inclusion

The therapeutic benefits of singing / chanting / rhythm making

Exposure to wider cultural influence

Cognitive stimulation and challenge


Nigel Neill

BSc (Hons) / Post Grad Cert Music and Health (UWE) / Cert Counselling Skills (UWE)

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" I've worked in music all my life including writing music for BBC television and running a professional recording studio.
I've enjoyed running community music projects for the last four years including three years studying music therapy and counselling skills."

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