a place to connect without the need for words

to connect with ourselves and with others around us

using beautiful instruments from around the world

through the universal language of music

where no musical skills are required



positive music improvisation (pmi) helps

communicate with others around us

express our thoughts and emotions

accept ourselves for who we are

and accept others for who they are


pmi encourages

sensitive non verbal communication

empathy and positive regard for others

pmi is of interest to

those who face some of life's biggest challenges including

autism, dementia, depression, anxiety, addiction, dysphasia,

social isolation, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease,

motor neurone disease, brain injury, learning disability,

bereavement and end of life journeys


it is also of interest to

popular and classical musicians who might

like to use their skills to help others communicate

health and social care professionals

anyone looking for a different way to relax

and to communicate with others using music

a place to just be yourself free of judgement




music improvisation encourages communication,

self expression, respect for self and others

for those looking for a different way to relax

away from the stress and judgement of work and family

a break from life's challenges whatever they may be

a place to connect without the need for words



For more information please contact

Nigel Neill
BSc (Hons) Post Grad Cert Music and Health (UWE)
Cert Counselling Skills (UWE)

Lyddons Cottage Upton Somerset TA4 2JE

Telephone 01398 371291

Email n.neill@btinternet.com

Web www.musichealth.co.uk

" I've worked in music all my life including writing music for BBC television and running a professional recording studio.
I've enjoyed running community music projects for the last four years including three years studying music therapy and counselling skills."

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