Thrown out of the school choir ? Only ever sing in the car ? Experienced soul or choral singer ? Up against it ? Hard times ? Love singing but think you can't sing ? Just want to get out a bit and make some new friends ?

Exeter Street Choir is for you !

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Thanks so much for your interest in the street choir. Street choirs are all inclusive community singing groups open to all irrespective of ability, disability, health, wealth, age, rage - or anything else!

They are great for community events - very relaxed gigs, performing indoors or outdoors - festivals, pub gigs, charity events, whatever feels right and whatever fits the bill. Always relaxed with music to match. No religious links but everyone welcome, whatever your beliefs may or may not be : )

My background is recording and performing over many years, rock, blues, soul r&b, jazz as well as recording choirs, orchestras, heavy metal, opera - many other genres. The first community choir that I started as a singing group was some five years ago - focusing mainly on Soul and R&B. Truth be known, we quickly broadened things out - all depending on the likes of those involved

So no fixed agenda except that the songs are generally uplifting, sometimes reflective, the occasional world music influence, call and response, that kind of thing. Generally nothing too superficial. Rather Soul, R&B, some good pop, some social justice anthems as well, but always with a sense of fun and not taking ourselves too seriously, but a willingness to also sing about important stuff from time to time - whatever that means ! Some african djembe drums, a bit of percussion, guitar and keyboards occasionally.

Some a capella as well
(voices only, no accompaniment)

Open to everyone

No auditions

Lots of laughs

Time for reflection too


: )